Stainless Steel Hardware

A range of hardware is available to support your installation requirements. 

Blitz Glass commitment to quality and compliance means we supply products that are carefully designed, keeping in mind both appearance and also Australian Standards’ load requirements.

Each product range is rigorously tested for material composition and tested by a NATA certified testing body to confirm load requirements.

Types of Stainless Steel Hardware

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Gate Components

Clamps & Stand Offs

Stainless Posts

Stainless Handrail

Spigot Range

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Our large range of spigots and finishes ensures that product selection is possible for all installation requirements.

The stainless steel spigot range incorporates 2205 superior duplex stainless steel which features elevated levels of chemical components enabling superior strength and corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments   A range of black spigots are also available

Gates Components

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Every pool fence requires a stylish and safe glass gate. We offer an extensive range of glass gates in various widths that are complemented by our high-quality hinge and latch components

The range of hinges and latches provide you options to fit your gate in particular configurations and also to provide you the functionality and safety that you require whilst offering a stylish solution.

Clamps & Stand Offs

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Glass clamps provide a smart & functional solution for clamping glass panels. Our glass clamps are made from high-quality grade stainless steel, available in polish or satin finish.

A range of specially designed and engineered clamps and stand offs are available to complement your installation requirements.

Stainless Steel Glazing Posts

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Glazing posts are used to support glass panels in a range of different configurations.

The Stainless Steel solution provides a high quality stainless steel post with accessories including base plates, domincal covers, dress rings & top caps

A range of Stainless steel post options are available to support your required configuration.  Posts are available in a 40mm square, 50mm Square or 50mm round profile and each have their associated fittings & caps.

Stainless Steel Handrails

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Capture the stunning look of a glass balustrade with the highest quality glass, fixings and handrails.

There are a range of the handrail options available supported by specifically design fixings to ensure your balustrade installation requirements are met effectively.


blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Our Breezewire Stainless Steel Wire is a popular and beautiful choice for residential and commercial settings which provides a modern and attractive look.

Our 316 Stainless Steel wire is available in 100 or 305 metre rolls.  Our 1*19 Stainless Steel wire rope has had an extra ultrasonic washing production step that reduces tea staining and gives a brighter, cleaner finish.

A host of fixings are available to secure the stainless steel wire to your posts or walls. These fixings allow for wire tensioning and securing to a range of different materials.

Our 316 stainless steel posts are available in 50.8mm round profiles that are drilled at the required spacings to support your installation requirements.

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