Aluminium Screening Products

Australian designed & patented system with the product made in Australia.

Privacy slat screening is a dynamic aluminium screening and shading solution. All of our slat screening systems offer benefits such as fast assembly and hidden fixings, providing the easiest and most visually pleasing slat screening systems on the market.

Our Aluminium Screening Products

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

At Blitz Glass, we want to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your essential products — so we stock an extensive range of products to help simplify your installation. Our screens are very easy to install, you don’t need to be a qualified tradesperson to do it. We have an extensive range of different screens available.

Xpress Aluminium Screens

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

XPRESS Plus is a complete system consisting of slats, side frames, caps & posts.  It is available in a cut to size option or long lengths depending on how you want to handle the installation on site.

The patented framing system means no requirement for welding, riveting or screwing off each slat.  The system allows for any slat spacing with slimline spacers that snap into the side frame and can be used with a 65mm or 90mm slat.  A premium aluminium insert is also available for the 65mm slat that provides a standard 9mm & 20mm spacing.

Slats are available in 65mm & 90mm widths and are 6100mm long and include a centre web to provide additional strength.   A budget slat option without the centre web is available in the 65mm slat in 6500mm long lengths.

These posts are the complete system providing 50x50mm aluminium posts available in 1 way, 2 way and 90 degree configurations. 

Slimline side frames are available separately which are ideal if you are fitting between existing pillars or frames.   Matching pedestrian and sliding gate options are also available.

The easy installation solution allows you to simply install the posts and then assemble the slats by inserting them working from bottom to top.   Slats are separated by snap in spacers available in 5mm, 9mm, 20mm or 100mm that can be cut to any specific gap size.  This provides the fastest & easiest fence system utilizing pre-powder coated stock items.

Full Posts

50x50mm and 65x65mm full post sections and are available in 2400mm or 3600mm lengths in the full range of standard colours.   A specially designed base plate option is available allowing it to be screwed to your full post so that it can be top mounted.

In order to assist with the installation of your screening solution a range of specially designed extrusions are available including U-Channel, F-Channel, Side Frames & Support Arms.  These are available in the standard colours and can be cut to your particular size requirements.

Xpress Aluminium gates

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

There is no longer a need to weld gates as a select number of screw fluted ‘gate slats’ are used top, middle and bottom with the balance of standard slats simply pushed into the patented side frames.

The patented revolutionized gate utilizes screw fluted 65×16.5mm slats in conjunction with the 40x45mm patented gate side frames. The screw fixings into the ‘gate blades’ are hidden by a side snap-in gate insert. A heavy-duty rail option is available for wider gates.

Gate Accessories

We offer an extensive range of D&D quality Hinges & Lokk Latch systems.   Additional fixings are available for the sliding gates that include slide rail guides, wheels, tracks & catches.

vertical battens

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

Vertical battens provide a patented non-weld snap-together system that can be cut to your particular size. The battens are designed to fit the face of walls and ceilings or between pillars/posts. They can also be used for pedestrian and sliding gates.

Various batten sizes are available to snap onto a simple fixing clip. Battens are available in Monument, Woodland Grey, Pearl White, Western Red Cedar and Mill finish.

The vertical battens are available in a range of sizes all supported by a simple fixing clip that snaps onto the vertical batten.

A 65x17mm budget/economy slat is available with its own fixing clip.

Other vertical battens are available in 6100mm lengths in the following sizes:

  • 45mm x 45mm batten
  • 51mm x 30mm batten
  • 70mm x 30mm batten
  • 100mm x 50mm batten
  • 150mm x 50mm batten

All these battens use the 15x9mm Fixing Clip.

An additional 45mm x 45mm rail is also available as an option to support the vertical batten system.

Each of the battens incorporates a specifically designed top & end cap.

Additional accessories are also available to assist with the installation of your vertical batten system including horizontal brackets and a range of screws & washers.

The vertical battens are available in 5 standard powder coat colours & the Western Red timber image option.

Custom colour options are available by request.

Decorative Screens

blitz glass quality glass and hardware

The decorative screening panels have a durable aluminium surface that is lightweight with a rigid polymer core that is resistant to rust & rot and requires no painting. They allow for quick and easy installation with an optional framing system available.

The panels are 1000mm wide and 1850mm high and are height & width adjustable. A variety of designs are available in Charcoal, Brushed Silver & Natural White.

Our standard range of panels includes the following designs. We have access to a wider range for special orders, please get in touch with one of our team to discuss your options.

Screening Screening Blitz Glass Screening Screening Blitz Glass Screening Screening Blitz Glass Screening Screening Blitz Glass

A number of pattens are available that can be incorporated into a custom design that allows for different sizings and colours.    More information is available on these by request.

We have a choice of 2 genuine weathering steel options using a special steel formulation enables distinctive RustFX surface oxidation finish.  The RustFX finish can be accelerated by initial regular spraying with water mist and the formation of the RustFX surface acts as a shield to prevent internal steel corrosion