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We’re always looking for great new products to add to our range.

New Products

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At Blitz Glass, we want to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your essential products — so we stock an extensive range of products to help simplify your installation.

We’re continually looking for new products to add to our impressive range, so be sure to check back regularly to see what we have to offer.

New Products

Enduro shield

The Enduro Shield product treatment for glass protects and makes surfaces easier to clean.   The EnduroShield glass kit is designed to be water and oil repellant includes 125mm surface treatment and 250mm pre-cleaner in addition to fine steel wool and polishing cloth.

Prevents build-up from:

  • Soap scum, body oils & grime
  • Limescale & hard water
  • Salt & chlorine spray
  • Cement slurry

Illuminated Pool Fencing & Illuminated Balustrade

Spartan Spigots provide a patented designed spigot, LED lighting kit and low iron glass to create the illumination effect.   

The 2205 stainless steel square surface mount spigot is available in matt black or polished stainless steel.  

The LED lighting can be changed without removing the spigot and the RGB controller gives sixteen different light colours and three mode settings.

Check out the video to see the lighting in action.