Product Specifications

Float Glass

All “float” glass is processed from the same glass supplier to ensure a consistent and conforming float glass product is used.

Double Edge Polishing

The double edge polishing machines allow for the perfect polish and blemish free edges.  The horizontal polishing machines give the finest edge finish with strict quality controls over the speed of glass through the edging machine and personal check of every individual panel.  The sophisticated water filtration system ensures clean water is used during polishing.

Tempering Oven

Toughened glass is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process.   The glass is placed onto a roller table taking it through a furnace that heats it above its annealing point of approx. 700degC

The glass is then rapidly cooled with forced air drafts. The tempering furnace is specially designed for heavy weight glass and an onsite mechanic ensures regular maintenance.  Punch testing of toughened glass every hour is conducted as per Australian Standards.

Heat Soaking

Heat soaking is an extra processing step that takes place after glass is toughened.   Glass is put in special racks and placed in a heat soak oven that heats up the panels to a certain temperature, holding this temperature for some hours , and cooling again to room temperature.  This test seeks to induce breakage in the oven of any panels with NiS inclusion and hence reduce the chance of on-site breakages.  This process provides confidence of the best quality toughened balustrade glass in the market.

Detailed Quality Control

At each stage of production (cutting, polishing, drilling, tempering & packing) dedicated quality control personnel inspect each sheet of glass and any panel not conforming to the highest quality standards is set aside.   The use of a GASP testing machine measures the surface stress in tempered glass to ensure optimal tensile surface strength that allows optimization of furnace setting, ensures conformance to specifications and avoids under or over stressing glass.

In addition to the skilled factory staff an independent quality assurance firm is used to review all shipments prior to dispatch.  Random sampling of glass is undertaken to ensure compliance with detailed assurance specifications relating to glass surface finish, edge finish, labelling and packaging.