We provide a range of solutions for our clients. Some of our clients are fence and gate installers and some are not.

Fully Supplied and Installed Service

As a QBCC member we can provide you a qualified installation solution using our experienced installers. We will review your specific requirements and tailor a solution that will be guaranteed to meet the Australian standards.

Licenced QBCC Member
(QBCC 1283627)

DIY Service

We can provide our products directly to allow you to provide a “D.I.Y.” solution.  The products are cleverly designed to for easier use and installation.

We can assist you in identifying the right materials to suit your specific requirements.


QLD Pool Fencing Legislation

The QLD Government has introduced legislation for all swimming pools which took effect on 1 December 2010. The new state legislation is aimed at further reducing the number of injuries and drownings, especially of children.  For more information about the new legislation visit the Queensland Government’s website on pool fencing safety.

Pool Safety Facts


Electrical Earthing

Government pool fencing guidelines state that metal features close to pools and spas should  be earthed to avoid possible electric shocks. Any earthing requirements must be carried out by a qualified electrician.    The extent that earthing needs to take place depends on each interpretation and direction provided by the electrician.